About Us
We started Animal-Trailz simply because of our passion for animals and our great love of the outdoors.

We are a family run business with backgrounds in the legal and IT professions.  We offer a reliable and trustworthy Dog Walking Service & Pet Taxi / Transport Service to our customers and it is of utmost importance to us that we ensure the health and well-being of your dog whilst it's in our care.  We are pet owners and we intend to take care of your dogs as though they were our own.

We have always had animals in our family and have had a variety of pets including hamsters, gerbils, mice, rabbits, goldfish, canaries, budgerigars and 11 cats over the years;  most of which have been rescue cats.  In addition to this, we have cared for dogs belonging to family members & friends.

Our current family consists of:-

Animal-Trailz | Dog Walking & Pet Care Service, West Midlands | The Boss

He lived in a Builder's Yard as a stray and was initially cared for by the Builder.  He spent many Winter months in the outdoors. Eventually, in 2007, he moved into Animal-Trailz HQ., when the Yard was demolished and replaced with houses.  He's an incredibly streetwise cat but over time, has become a bit of a homebody but remains a first-class rat-catcher!

Animal-Trailz | Dog Walking  Service, West Midlands | The Operations Team


They help us out with the day-to-day running of things around Animal-Trailz HQ., including the assessment of new additions to our pack walks.  From show stock and working dog lines they compliment each other pretty well.  Originating from Scotland & Norfolk they love nothing more than packing their kit and taking time out to adventure around the UK.

Animal-Trailz | Dog Walking Service, Halesowen, West Midlands

**Rainbow Bridge**

Sadly, we recently lost our Sphynx cats.

They came to the Animal-Trailz HQ., in 2007 from Crossford, Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland.

They were very extrovert, had bags of energy, were highly intelligent, curious and affectionate, loved by all and they are both missed very much.

At Animal-Trailz, we maintain a down-to-earth outlook and a sense of humour at all times!

After your initial contact with us, we will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation where we will be more than happy to attend a walk with you and your dog to gauge whether our service would be suitable for your dog.  During this consultation, we would like to get to know more about your dog's background including any likes and dislikes, any medical issues and anything else you feel we should be made aware of.

Armed with this information, we will have a much better understanding of your dog.

We cover the following areas:-

AREAS COVERED by Animal-Trailz in a larger map

Please CONTACT US if you are unsure as to whether or not your area is covered by our service.

You can be sure your pet's safety and well-being will be our highest priority as we are:-

  • fully insured;
  • CRB & Police checked; and
  • Canine First Aid certified.

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