Dog Walking

A Full Workout for Your Dog!

Dogs need to burn physical energy on a daily basis to help prevent them from developing problem behaviours.   A bored and frustrated dog left alone at home soon develops bad behaviour as a way to release it's pent-up energy, therefore, exercise is really important to keep your dog happy as well as healthy.

Dogs also benefit from being in the company of other dogs and learning how to socialise in a controlled manner.   So, we aim to walk dogs in small groups where we gradually socialise your dog with other carefully selected unfamiliar dogs so that they can learn to become a happy member of a group.

Our Dog Walking Service is designed for those owners who may be out at work all day, are planning an extended shopping trip, are unexpectedly called away from home, are elderly and may have mobility problems or have other commitments, which has meant less time for animal care.

We operate 5 days-a-week, with our standard working hours being 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs; and later during the Summer months.   The service can be taken out on a regular or ad-hoc basis provided we're given some advance notice.   (We like to carefully select our dogs for each group walk after we've made careful observation of each dog's behaviour, so we can't always accommodate a request to simply fit a dog into one of our daily sessions without making an assessment of its behaviour around other dogs.   Please allow us enough time to assess your dog by giving us as much advance notice as possible).

All our dog walks include collection of your dog from it's home and transportation to and from our secure, private field. Water, dog toys, pooh bags and a dry-down is also included before your dog is returned back home!   We can't always promise they'll be mud free on their return though as we like to have fun on our walks!!

Our walks will last for an hour, however, please remember we have to collect and drop-off your dog's new friends en route in our comfortable, purpose-built dog van so they may be out of the house for longer.   All the time they're out of the house though they're in good company!   Please ask to see our van if you're unsure about how we transport your dog!  You can also see photos of our van by clicking HERE.

We run 3 sessions per day, (plus a 4th session during the Summer when we have increased daylight hours). We run a Morning session from 09:00-10:00hrs, a Midday session from 12:00-13:00hrs & an Afternoon session from 15:00-16:00hrs so that we can try to accommodate most people's requests for dog walks. We don't give specific set times for collection and return of your dogs as we walk dogs in groups and may need to change our travel routes on a daily basis dependent on external factors.


Please Note
Where possible, we try to walk dogs in small groups with an absolute maximum of 6 'super-friendly', highly trained dogs in any one session, it is therefore imperative that your dog does not show any signs of aggression and all their vaccinations are up-to-date;  we will ask to see a valid Vaccination Certificate at your first consultation or proof of your following an alternative, natural programme.   Please ensure that your dog is also on a flea and worming control programme.

Apologies, but we are unable to walk unspayed bitches.

You no longer have to rely on your neighbours, friends or family to help exercise your dog when you simply can't, for whatever reason and our aim is to provide a service which ensures the health and wellbeing of your dog(s) is paramount whilst in our care.

For your peace-of-mind and to ensure the utmost safety of your dogs and property, we are:-
  • fully insured;
  • CRB & Police checked; and
  • Canine First Aid certified.

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